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Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Written by Ivan Sutton

Designing your fabulous new spa-style bathroom can be fun, but there are many practical considerations to keep in mind. You certainly have many options if you are working with a large space, but when space is tight you may become frustrated before you even start. Over the past two years I have had many customers adding a new bathroom in homes where there was only one. This not only adds to the value of the home and ensures your home makes it to a buyer’s short-list, but if you continue to live in the home, it can usher in a time of peace and calm among family members. Do your homework. consider all of your desired elements and fixtures, explore seriously the technical issues that may crop up, but most of all, try to be original.

Because we specialize in bathroom and basement renovation projects, I spend a lot of time brainstorming with the customer to make sure we properly stoke their creativity so the project is custom to their collective vision. I dare say, not everything needs to be new and in the case of a complete bathroom renovation, it does not necessarily have to be in the same place as it was before. The point is that once the work is done, you will be living with the results for years if not decades. How can this project evolve from being a bathroom renovation project to transforming your space to ideals. So, for thise that are looking for an excellent renovation company to work with you on your next bathroom or basement renovation project, I look forward to hearing from you. But to thise that are fired up about doing the work yourselves, I have a few tips:

  • Be open-minded.  When I bought my first home, I thought that all bathrooms had the basic cabinetry.  Now I recommend an assortment of options to customers including floating vanities, vessel sink and cabinet styles.  You can choose from an assortment of new products or from selection of previously used and often unique options.
  • Accents are good.  I did a beautiful large basement bathroom last year that was stunning.  It was also all gray.  Even the paint was gray.  Now the customer was very happy and we ensured they got the best of what they asked for.  My creative brain was thinking however of the many options to bring a bit of color, or an accent piece, or a featured wall with color.
  • Don’t fight.  With so many options out there, there is no reason to fight over finishings.  I believe disagreements are good if it leads you to explore more to find the right hardware, or paint, or cabinets, or tile… or whatever.  This is an exciting process, so.. don’t fight.
  • Consider also, in-floor heat, rain shower-head, shower, vertical spa-shower with full body hydro-shower massage, free-standing tub, glassed in shower, steam shower, having a seat or bench in the shower, laundry storage, porcelain tile flooring.
  • Make sure the product styles flow well together – a stunning bathroom needs a consistent theme and sense of flow.
  • Choose a main focal point for the bathroom as too many distractions will create an overly busy space.
  • If space allows, you may want to locate the toilet behind the entry door as the door will provide a free visual barrier to the toilet.

I will be exploring in our next week blog affordable yet unique accessories for your bathroom renovation project.

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