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Simply Networking Brantford Business Event – August

Theresa Lutes, Henry Piatek, Rebecca Godbout
Written by Ivan Sutton

What a summer for business growth and development.  Although for some, summer is traditionally a slower period for business sales and growth, this summer seems in contradiction to the yearly trends.

Brantford NetworkingWe are therefore pleased to announce the August Simply Networking Event held here in Brantford on August 14th at 5PM.  The event will be held at the Piston Broke Pub and will go till about 8PM.

What is even better about this event, it is held just a few days before the Simply Networking event in Richmond Hill Ontario.  So Brantford attendees are encouraged to bring plenty of business cards that we can display in Richmond Hill on the 19th of August. Our aim is to provide opportunities for Brantford businesses to promote themselves in a warm environment to businesses in other cities.  This is a unique opportunity so far because it is one of our events giving us the most control over the way we present Brantford business literature and promotional material.

Therefore, do not miss this business networking event.  This is the last business networking event for the summer.  Hope to see you there!

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