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Brantford Business Networking May 15, 2013

Brantford Business Networking Event
Written by Ivan Sutton

Simply Networking Event

Simply Networking - May2013Simply Networking - May2013

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Rebecca Godbout and Ivan Sutton

Business Networking at Simply Networking in Brantford: Rebecca Godbout and Ivan Sutton

Thanks to all who attended our Simply Networking , the Brantford business networking event on May 15th.  It is gratifying to see this network growing and to have new businesses participate in our events.  There is one thing that is clear; Brantford is an exciting place to start and grow your business.  Also, Brantford businesses enjoy networking and collaborating with other businesses on ideas for growth.  Look for our Directors Event coming in July!


We are happy to announce the Simply Networking Event for May 2013.  Brantford business networking has been blessed and has seen attendance grow as business professionals meet, network and collaborate with each other.  Our motto is “There’s No Business Like Referral Business!”

You are invited to attend this free event.  Visit the Meet-up  group at to RSVP.

The Piston Broke
93 Dalhousie Street
At Market Square


Brantford Networking May 2013

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