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Brantford Garden Growth

Brantford garden
Written by Ivan Sutton

The process of creating a garden seems to take a long time.  Then suddenly, a week goes by and there is an explosion in growth.  This is where things get exciting for this Brantford garden.

brantford gardenWe were stoked in January when we decided to do the Brantford Community Garden.  At a business networking event in Brantford we gathered early support and started planning seriously.  By April, Theresa at This Great City and a resident of Brantford started planting seeds and buying accessories.  In April, we secured a perfect location for the garden and were able to attract more volunteers.  May saw the transfer of plants to the garden and the planting of additional seeds.

We decided to plant corn, beets, radishes, tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers, onions, water melons, lettuce, peas, cucumber, squash, carrots and dill.

With all the rain we have had, the garden is growing, the lettuce and radishes are ready for harvest and the peas are small but filling out nicely.  This is the part of the garden process that makes it all worth while.  In a week or so we aim to make our first delivery to the Brantford Food Bank from our garden.

We are thankful to Rebecca Godbout , Erik Gauthier and Mark Dubecki for the extensive volunteer hours dedicated to this project.

The Brantford Seventh-Day Adventist Church has developed this garden with This Great City and will be using a portion of the proceeds for their Health program coming up in August and September on Eating Healthy, and Eating Healthy on a Budget.

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Brantford GardenBrantford Garden

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