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Car Wash On The Mountain

adventist car wash
Written by Ivan Sutton

It was a beautiful sunny day on Sunday, and a perfect day for a car wash.  And we got that and much more courtesy of the Hamilton Mountain Seventh-Day Adventist church.

The sign by the parking lot couldn’t be missed as you drove up to the church and already there were cars lined up to get washed.  I was expecting a simple high-school style car wash where it is more about making a contribution than anything else (I speak only of the high-school car washes I have been to and in no way suggest that high school car washes suck.).  But I knew something was different when I was asked, “Exterior only wash or interior and exterior?”

I glanced toward the back of my car to the many old Starbucks paper cups and old papers and the cookie almost pulverized on the back seat.  This mess was almost forgotten back there, and so I knew there could only be one choice.  I opted for the full interior and exterior wash.

While my car was being detailed (YES, Detailed), I was able to take in the food demonstration and sampling that was happening at the same time as the car was in the basement of the church. Now this event I have been looking forward to for weeks.  Not only because my wife was demonstrating a favorite dish, “Black Bean Stir Fry”, but because I enjoy vegan cooking and am looking to add to my vegan recipes.  Along with the Black Bean Stir Fry, there were other demonstrations also; Maple Lime Quinoa Fruit Salad, Chia Seed Pudding, Roasted Sweet Potatoes and No Bake Snack Bars.  About 30 people attended the cooking demonstration.

By the time that was done, my car was almost ready and it sparkled inside and out.  Even that spot around the coffee cup holder that gets messy with dried lattes, layered over time.  And Although they had taken the car wash sign down to wrap up their day, the car wash was still in full swing with many cars having just arrived.  I have included the car wash pictures below that I managed to get.   Enjoy!

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