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Chamber Of Commerce Brantford Trade Show

Written by Ivan Sutton

We joined the Chamber Of Commerce a few months ago.  I was referred by Stella Johnson of Intrigue Media.  Stella and Intrigue are also members and digital marketing and an impressive advertising service to businesses.  It was at a meeting with Intrigue that I received a recommendation to join the Chamber.

I has always thought that the Chamber of Commerce was only for large companies.  Certainly a small business would not gain much benefit joining an organization whose services are targeted at larger firms.

This event, the Fall Trade Show is just one of the many benefits I have already received being a member.  To be fair, there are several other benefits I could have taken advantage of if I was not so busy, many events I could have attended and many connections I could have made.

This is the 2nd trade show we have participated in this year, the third ever for our growing company.  I remain overwhelmed at the prospects developed at each show so far and the Chamber event was no different.  At each event, we have benefited from new business.  Today’s trade show for the Brantford Chamber of Commerce promises more new business.

This is starting to sound like a testimonial for the Brantford Chamber of Commerce, however, although that would be deserved, this post is only to suggest to small growing businesses to take part in local trade show events.  It is like business networking on steroids.  In my opinion, these types of events are perfectly suited for the small business and should be part of every business growth strategy.

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