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Climate Change and Our Eco-System

northern Ontario climate change
Written by Ivan Sutton

An important issue to all of us in Ontario is the effect climate change is having on our environment, especially when it comes to our eco-systems in Ontario, particularly in the James Bay and Hudson Bay Regions of Northern Ontario.

On Thursday, April 7, 2016, I tabled a resolution in the Legislature ‎calling for greater awareness of the threats caused by increased levels of ice melting in the Hudson Bay and James Bay regions as part of this province’s commitment to combating climate change and its negative impacts on northern Ontario ecosystems.

As a result of global warming, animals such as the Polar bear are under threat of extinction because the ice sheets that they depend on to hunt are gradually disappearing. If something is not done, this will not only affect them but other animals in the eco-system that are in contact with the polar bear.

This has far more reaching implications than we can imagine because this threatens to change the eco-system in the north as we know it,‎ for the worse, as many species will simply become extinct. Action is required to prevent this from occuring.

Lorenzo Berardinetti
MPP Scarborough Southwest

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