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Counting Calories is NOT the Answer

counting calories
Written by Paulette Kydd

Calorie counting is not going to help you….take a 200 calorie salad versus a 200 doughnut. Same number of calories but your body will deal with them very differently. 

The sugar in the doughnut (from the sugar and the wheat which breaks down into sugar) will quickly spike your blood sugar, tell your pancreas to release insulin to usher the sugar into the cells and then lead to low blood sugar. Any sugar that your body doesn’t need for energy right away will be stored in the muscles and liver but once they are full (it doesn’t take much) the rest is stored as FAT! AND…the low blood sugar you’re now experiencing will cause you to crave more carbohydrates as your body tries to get more sugar into the blood stream as quickly as possible.

Your energy will plummet in the meantime. On the other hand, that 200 calorie salad will NOT spike your blood sugar or cause much insulin release. Your blood sugar will be stable…your body won’t cause you to crave carbs in order to get more fuel. You won’t have that energy crash. In addition to this, you’re giving your body nutrients that it needs including vitamins, minerals, fibre and water. Same number of calories…totally different effect on the body!

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