David Yurman – Products Made In China?

Buy David Yurman from a stand-alone DY boutique, and receive a gift box, a receipt, a polishing cloth, and, of course, the piece or pieces themselves. Buy David Yurman from an authorized retailer or from DavidYurman.com, and receive the same… and, perhaps, two additional small tags (which boutique salespeople evidently remove). On one are printed item details and a barcode. On the other are three small but, for some, very significant words: made in China.

So what’s the deal? Does DY produce all of its collections in China? Does it matter from where the company’s designer jewelry comes? Should it matter? I’ve done some sleuthing, and here are the best answers I could find to some of the most commonly-asked questions regarding DY and those little gray tags.

I am a photographer and have had the pleasure of shooting jewelry for a client. I posted my work on Instagram and after a few weeks I got a notice from Instagram that my image was removed because David Yurman claims he has a right to Cable Jewelry. My photos are not of Yurman jewelry, nor do they look like anything he carries. What kind of company does this? Before this, I had no opinion of David Yurman. But now, I believe that this is a terrible company. They have no right to do what they do. I believe they are a scam and scamming social media to do things without a legal right.

I also understand David Yurman products are made in China. (or maybe some are). The full article can be found here:


I, of course am not telling anyone not to buy their products. I am saying that if you, like me, prefer to do business with companies that play fair, then you may want to rethink buying their products.

It is unfair what he did. He had no right. I will continue to advocate for people to think before you buy.

There are so many other beautiful designers that create stunning cable jewelry, like Ross Simons, Alor, or John Medeiros. Stunning.

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