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Director Networking Event 2010-pics

Theresa Lutes, Neil Ramrattan, Michelle Ritchie
Written by Ivan Sutton

Thank you to all who attended our Director Event.  I especially thank Jessica Speziale for performing live at my home and for Neil Ramrattan for bartending our event.

These Director events are created to provide the best opportunity to network in the most relaxing atmosphere.  When we first decided to conduct these events at our home, we weren’t sure how they would turn out.  Our concern was that attention would be directed at us and our business and not our members.  As it turned out, the atmosphere was perfect for members to network and relax.

Special thank you to Nathalie Ng for the suggestion to add a non-alcoholic assortment of drinks for all future events.  This will not only enhance our events, but also help designated drivers to network comfortably.

Click on the image above to view event pics.

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