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Art Gallery Event

Written by Ivan Sutton

In an art studio in the King Street West area I was about to be introduced with Jessica Spaziale .

I haven’t been that far west on King Street for over a decade.  The last time I was out there, the area was a bit run down and it felt like an area that I would not want to be after dark.  But when I got there with my partner Theresa, I was surprised at how the area had changed.  It was still congested with traffic, but the sidewalks were packed with people out on the town.  Restaurants were full and patios were abuzz with conversation.

And there in the middle of this activity and coolness was the gallery. Neil Ramrattan and Jessica Spaziale  You wouldn’t know it was there if you weren’t looking for it.  Once inside, i realized why galleries in this city are so cool.  The architecture was old made modern and its vast,  open hardwood spaces were comfortably scattered with artists displaying their art and others just browsing.  And some even buying.

This is where I met an up-and-coming singer Jessica Spaziale who seemed to mesmerize the crowd with her voice and her movement while a young toronto artistman tapped aggressively on the long drum that hung down at his waist.

I realize how much I love this city of Toronto.  Its ever creative people push the city forward and generate a pulse that can only be found in a few places in the world.

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