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Makeup with Cassie Ferguson in Brantford

Cassie Ferguson Brantford
Written by Ivan Sutton

I had been prepping for the Christmas Shootout for a bit over a month.  This was going to be the last assembly of the best photographers in Brantford for 2014, and some of our favorite models while also having a chance to work with some new ones and The Habit who was providing wardrobe.  The dilemma I was facing was not having a makeup artist for this important shoot.  In the past, like at the Bodega shoot, Theresa Lutes did a great job at makeup, however she was the Jill-of-all-trades, helping dress models, helping set up shots, in some cases helping to PA, being the set photographer… AND makeup.  So this time it was important to have a makeup artist, and just days before the shoot, which happened yesterday, the 7th of December, I had everyone in place except a makeup artist.

Not that I hadn’t tried.  I asked for referrals from photographers, I looked on Model Mayhem, and still, nothing.

To highlight the importance, I was privileged to be able to work with The Habit again.  Lilian, hearing of the plan, was enthusiastic at providing wardrobe for the shoot.  If you have not visited her store at 13 Queen Street in downtown Brantford, and you are female looking for unique items from clothing, accessories, or wigs (and so much more), then I recommend you visit The Habit before Christmas.  You will be pleasantly surprised..  Because of the involvement of the Habit, I felt the pressure to attract a makeup person..  a pro!

Then just as it began to sink in that there would be no makeup artist for our Christmas model shoot, I got a reply to my request on Model Mayhem from Cassie Ferguson.  Yes in the eleventh hour she indicated her availability and with cautious optimism I added her to the crew.

Sunday morning was the picture perfect day for a fashion shoot.  Lillian met me at The Habit at 9:20AM and within 40 minutes I was on my way to the shoot with am amazing assortment of dresses, hats, Christmas outfits including elf costumes and Santa’s helper items and lots of accessories!

By the time I arrived at the shoot here at the Metro Interactive Marketing Agency in Brantford, everyone was here.  The photographers other than myself: Wally Stemberger, Luvern Mornin, Rob Snyder and Patrick McEachern.  The project coordinator, Theresa Lutes was of course signing everyone in and showing the photographers where to set up.  The models were already on hand including Maddie and Sarah A, who are fairly new to modeling.  Other models were Sarah Patricia, Amber Laforme Hill, Jennifer Leigh Waters and Karleigh Hrincu.

Then I noticed, already seated at the makeup station, Cassie Ferguson had arrived.   When I thanked her and expressed our appreciation, she just quietly said, “You didn’t have to worry I confirmed…”.  The stress was gone.  And since this story is more about her than about the shootout itself, I will share just a bit of what I heard from everyone at the shoot.  Most of the photographers and some of the models have worked with us on previous shoot events and we therefore have a comfortable way of working professionally together each committed to ensuring that the best shots are captured by all and that all portfolios are blessed with the outcomes.

So it was a sincere pleasure to have a chance to work with someone as professional, competent and interactive as Cassie Ferguson.  Not just a make-up artist, but certified; Cassie was able to really understand the look I was after and be able to build the look on demand.  “Friendly, professional and accommodating in both makeup and hair,” said Theresa Lutes, on the team at Metro.

So there you have it.  Cassie Ferguson, Certified Makeup Artist.  She has my endorsement.

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