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Maybe Just A Little

Written by Ivan Sutton

There is a cool breeze that blows through southern Ontario these days.  From Windsor to Ottawa, there is a definite chill to the breeze.  I was unsure of what was happening to I checked to verify the trend and there it was.  Temperatures would not get any higher than 14 degrees and as low as 6 degrees between today and over the next 14 days.

The surprising fact is that it is mid-December.

I met a colleague at Coffee Culture in downtown Brantford this morning.  I love Brantford at this time of year with the Christmas decorations and lights in Harmony Square, the skating rink full with people skating.  I looked forward to passing the rink as I would walk from parking my car to the meeting place, but as I made my way I noticed the rink was closed and iceless.  Most people including myself walked about without a jacket.  There was a chill in the air, but it certainly was not cold.

It is just about two weeks till Christmas Day and no snow in sight according to the forecast from Lake Erie and right across Lake Ontario and the cities around them.  Sleigh Bells are not ringing, Frosty cannot be made and no-one will be dashing through the snow anytime soon.  Does anyone miss it?  Does anyone miss the snow?

I looked fondly at friends pictures from Calgary where it seems that a healthy layer on snow covers the ground.  It seems that there in the west, people are frolicking in a winter wonderland.  It is not jealousy.  I am sure they wish they had our weather.  So weather it is good luck, or bad luck, or global warming or El Nino, it is Christmas time in southern Ontario and there is no snow.  I for one will not complain one bit!

Well, maybe just a little.

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