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Photographer Walk-About Toronto

photographer walk-about toronto
Written by Ivan Sutton

A seasoned photographer invited me to join him and other photographers on a photography walk-about in Toronto.  It was to start at the base of the CN Tower and from there, we would go where our curiosity took us.  There is so much to see and shoot in Toronto that I jumped at the chance.

Plus, I believe that I have lots to learn even still in photography.  I have done photography for over 15 years for business clients shooting homes and products but only over the past three or so years have I started shooting pictures of people.  The photographers I was with all had way more experience than I.

If you are a budding photographer or just got a camera as a gift and are looking for a way to learn while meeting cool people and having fun, join a photography group on or Facebook and register for one of their events.  Although some are paid events, most are free to attend.

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