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Sensing Growth In Brantford

Written by Ivan Sutton

It was a rainy day when I headed out in Brantford to gather from regular folk on the street their thoughts on the Brantford downtown.  I started at the Coffee Culture on Dalhousie Street because that is a great place to start winding up my day with my favorite dark roast coffee.  From where I sat on the patio, I could see the downtown becoming busier and busier as more cars stopped and parked, more people walked by and the Coffee Culture became more busy.

I feel in my bones that Brantford is getting busier and the downtown more Brantford Downtownexciting and I was determined to find out of others downtown that day felt the same way I did.

I bumped into Lindy Veit who lives in Brantford’s north end but comes regularly to the downtown with her son to visit the library and often brings the whole family downtown to attend some of the many festivals that Brantford holds in the city core.  Lindy indicated that she enjoyed spending time downtown but hoped that soon Brantford would attract more shopping, restaurants and attractions to the downtown.

This sentiment was echoed by a store owner that didn’t want to be named, who lives outside Brantford and travels here daily to operate his small business.  “Walk by traffic has increased along Colborne Street,” he said.  He also felt that updating buildings around him and the new Laurier Athletic Complex in development on Colborne Street will drive even more traffic his way.

Phil Assuncao gave his feedback also saying, “Since i moved to Brantford…i have made a ton of life friends. I think what makes Brantford unique is the people in the community that make up the city. The city is growing but it still has a welcoming vibe that lets new people moving into the community a chance to participate and integrate fairly easily. And we have a ton of really cool events… Concerts, comedy, and local events that make taking it really easy to find something to do.”

More shopping in downtown Brantford says Samantha Perry.  “As for what I love about Brantford. The parks are beautiful when everything is blooming. The flowers and all the different trees are breath taking.  Sometimes when you walk down town you can smell all kinds of different cultural food which I only discovered that recently, that’s pretty great. Not to mention the fun events the city puts on at harmony square.”

Beverly Gill, needing a wheelchair to be mobile said, ” I’m probably the wrong person to ask about this (I don’t really like brantford, just moved here for my husband when we started dating) but what I love about brantford is that there is something for everyone of all ages and what I would change is better accessibility, being in a wheel chair makes or hard to get anywhere especially with the sidewalks, they need to be rebuilt.”

Jayme Jones-Blue also said “Downtown doesn’t have many shopping places.”

The experience of speaking with folks in Brantford on a warm Fall afternoon was enjoyable, meeting with so many interesting people many of which gave candid opinions of this great city of Brantford.  For those who have not come down to Brantford city centre and experienced the people, restaurants or entertainment, make a point of it soon.  There is a lot of excitement in this city for you to discover and appreciate!

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