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Spring In The Air at Gage Park

Written by Ivan Sutton

Sunday at Gage Park

It was a day not to miss.  Sure we had days where the temperatures rose high in the mid-teens making it seem certain that spring was here and winter was past.  And then it snowed and temperatures dipped below the freezing mark and stayed that way for weeks.

And what a winter.  It cannot be said that this was an ordinary winter as far as temperatures are concerned, no-sir-ee.  It seemed that we had winter spring summer and fall repeatedly since December and now, spring, yet again.  And it was cabin fever that made us desperate to get out of the house.  The sun was shining and the weather looked sweet from inside looking out.

I quickly Googled “Interesting places to shoot photography in Hamilton.”  The first thing that popped up was Gage Park.  I had never heard of it and was in need of an adventure.

Although there was no wind and the sun was shining like it was summer, it was chilly.  The park is inviting with many things to observe and shoot and we were in such a relaxed mood, enjoying being outside, in the sun, in Hamilton.

Then  it caught our eye.  The sign said “OZ”.  I thought to myself, “Like, the Wizard of Oz?, or like the TV series Oz?”.  It was a horticultural show and this day was the last day of the free experience.   It was certainly emerging spring weather outside but inside the greenhouse that housed all the plants, it was definitely summer.  It was too hot for coats and it was quite packed with people, many also taking pictures.   Some others were making their way through taking in the overwhelming variety of plants and flowers.  While others still were seated on benches taking it all in.  The smell was fragrant and made me wonder, “what combination of plants would I need to make my place smell like this? Or is that smell being pumped in artificially?”  The smell alone could make it worth the trip.

It was almost overwhelming the variety and arrangements.  They were arranged beautifully with many well planned features and the theme throughout was The Wizard of Oz, with the most colorful and stunning arrangements of plants and flowers.  Later, I met and chatted with Steve, a local resident who also attended the horticultural show and he said he had to go through twice.  Twice because there was too much to see and on the second pass, there was just so much more to notice.

It was a pleasant surprise stumbling upon the horticultural show and the opportunities for taking photos both of the show and the park.   Gage Park is nestled between Gage Avenue, Main Street and Lawrence Road, just outside downtown Hamilton.

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