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Tigercat employees Participate in War Horse Challenge

Written by Ivan Sutton

War Horse Warrior Challenge- October 17th 2015 Tigercat employees and family members will come together and participate in the War Horse Warrior Challenge in honour of one of their own.

On July 11/14 Scott Burns, a 13 year employee of Tigercat, was diagnosed with stage 3, synovial sarcoma cancer in the soft tissue of his right leg. He was treated with Chemotherapy and radiation at Juravinski Cancer Centre. Scott feels lucky that he didn’t experience many side effects from his treatment and believes the reason for this was his physical and mental strength.  Scott was an Scott Burnsavid cyclist and strived to maintain his physical and mental strength by continuing to cycle and rarely declined the call or text from a friend to go biking following a day’s chemo treatment, however, he admitted that those normal rides were taxing at times during the later chemo treatments.  Following the treatments was a surgery that resulted in his leg being placed in a cast for six weeks. This left him with only 55 degrees of movement in his right knee and the inability to ride. He wasn’t going to let this impair his ability to ride and set a goal to regain 95 degree movement through daily physiotherapy and more radiation.

He credits his family, his employer and the Canadian Cancer Society for his positive outlook and ability to focus on regaining movement because he was able to focus on his health with their support. His biggest cheerleader is his wife Christy. Her support has been the greatest help in his healing physically, mentally, and emotionally. She has dedicated herself to his well-being and always knows the right things to say and do when he is down. She and their 2 daughters Nicole and Mya remind him daily that he is not in this alone and they will forever be by his side.  His family proved this when they turned to the Canadian Cancer Society for reliable information and resources they could use to learn more about his diagnosis and ways they could help him get through it. His daughters gave back and hosted their own fundraisers for the Canadian Cancer Society, Nicole cut her hair and Mya collected bottles.

Scott also credits his employer Tigercat Industries for granting him the opportunity to remain at work. After 13 years and various positions within the company Scott describes Tigercat as a great place to work, it is a big company with a small company atmosphere.  It has always been known to put families first. Tigercat under the direction of Steve Crosby, Vice President, deserves recognition for their understanding and support to their employees.  ‘How many companies do you know, would be so willing to accommodate an employee who is dealing with a cancer experience, that offers the flexibility to adjust their work schedule to be able to come and go from appointments and treatments?’  Scott’s roles and tasks were set to his abilities and health.

People equally as impressive as his family and Tigercat are the volunteers of the Canadian Cancer Society. He was impressed when the War Horse planning committee members approached Steve Crosby at Tigercat to be the host venue for the event in 2015. Scott quickly offered to be the liaison for the company and then worked closely with the volunteers and event coordinator. He offered his background in cycling and mud run events to the committee and they graciously accepted his knowledge and brought him onboard to help with the event experience. Inspired by his wife and daughters he continues to fight the fight daily and prove to them that you can’t let it get you down. He is still doing whatever he can to volunteer and give back to the Canadian Cancer Society and Tigercat by helping the War Horse Warrior Challenge committee from home. Scott’s message to volunteers is-the time and effort given by all of you is amazing and truly appreciated.

Although he would have liked to run the race himself, his health will prevent it and his fellow employees will do it for him. To date Tigercat has registered over 30 employees for the race and raised more than $3000.00 and continue to work towards raising more for the Canadian Cancer Society in Scotts honour.

If you would like participate in or volunteer at the War Horse Warrior Challenge Saturday, October 17/15 at Tigercat, 140 Consolidated Drive, Paris visit or call 519-753-2566.

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