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Vegetarian Food Fair – Hamilton Adventist Church

hamilton mountain seventh day adventist church
Written by Ivan Sutton

It was a lovely day at the Hamilton Mountain Seventh Day Adventist Church where the annual Vegetarian Food Fair was held.  This was my first time attending the food fair and was surprised at the number of people that attended.

I arrived shortly after eleven o’clock for the event that started at eleven.  The vendors were all set up and a large group of attendees were already actively participating.  Some were lined up to get tickets for the impressive assortment of vegetarian and vegan food, laid out cafeteria style with volunteers ready to serve.  Some were under the big tent listening to the live performance of Vili V who has a style that’s part down-home rockabilly, part operatic mariachi, part Elvis and part Roy Orbison.  Other attendees were visiting the various vendors.

At the same time that the food fair was happening outside in the church parking lot, a full scale health expo was happening in the church basement.

My plan was to be there for only a few hours and cannot believe that time flew so quickly.  Before I knew it, it was 5:30pm and it was time to pack up.

The thing I liked most about the event was the frequency people would come up to me, being the guy with the camera, and tell me how they look forward to this event every year.  One man told me that he attends every year and has been for almost ten years.  They tell their friends and family to be sure not to miss it.  This makes sense; at the end of the day, a spokesperson from the church said that this was the largest and most well attended food fair that he remembers at the church.

Well, of course it was.  It was well planned, tasty food, fantastic entertainment, helpful health expo and truly wonderful people working the event.  This was my first time and it certainly will not be my last.

If you attended this Vegetarian Food Fair, we would love to get your feedback!  Send us a note on our contact page.

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